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Los Gatos School API scores continue to shine

Los Gatos continues to be a great place to buy a home if schools factor into your decision. The API scores awarded based on statewide tests administered in 2013 were exemplary across the board. Los Gatos buyers say the schools and the small town community are key factors in their decision to buy here. Los […] Read more

Carbon Monoxide Detector Law goes into effect

A statewide requirement to have carbon monoxide detectors installed in all California homes goes into effect July 1. The Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Prevention Act (Senate Bill 183) is a two part law that states the detectors must be installed on or before July 1, 2011, in single-family dwelling units. The law goes on to state […] Read more

IPO explosion fuels Silicon Valley Real Estate

On broker tour yesterday I visited a beautiful home newly listed by a friend of mine on El Gato in Los Gatos.   Although a modest 2 bedroom home, the owner had spared no expense in remodeling (right down to the $4000 kitchen sink!).  This home and it’s 1 bedroom rental unit in back are […] Read more

Changes to High Balance Conforming Loans will affect Silicon Valley Real Estate

If you’re planning to buy a home in Silicon Valley this year you need to be aware of changes afoot in the loan business.  As of October 1, 2011, high balance conforming loan limits in the Bay Area are set to be reduced from $729,500 to $650,500 for a single family dwelling for both conventional and […] Read more

Deciding how much to offer in 5 easy steps

You’ve found a house, it has the right schools and it’s in your established budget.  Now comes the hard part. How much should you offer? Ask yourself the following 5 questions and you’ll find you’re in a strong position when it comes to writing a compelling and fair offer. 1. What will the market support?  First […] Read more

Top-Tier Homeowners Wait it Out in Los Gatos

Spurred by a recent blog from Altos Research suggesting that top end homes are on the market longer but take fewer price reductions I decided to see if this holds true in the Los Gatos market. As you can see, home prices tell you a lot about the market and in this particular case it […] Read more

Conventional or FHA loan? Is there a difference?

How do you choose between Conventional and FHA approved financing when buying a new home? That’s a question your loan agent is more than qualified to answer. However, there are some general guidelines that indicate which way is probably more advantageous to each situation. First and foremost, if you want to borrow more than $729,500 […] Read more

Shadow Inventory not a problem in 95032

We hear a lot of talk these days about the effect of shadow inventory (also known as pending supply) on the housing market. Statistically a large percentage of American homes in distress (in default on their loan payments) will eventually be foreclosed upon or go through a short sale. A recent report suggests that the […] Read more

Do you “like” this house?

I read a blog post today (entitled “Selling House Porn to Gen X and Y” but that’s another story) and it got me thinking about how different generations of buyers approach the purchase of a new home. Think about the Boomers who grew up without the internet and, generally, with a defined job role. If […] Read more

Did you only bet the house?

3 years ago I could have asked 100 people if there was any disadvantage to refinancing their home loan to get a better rate and I’m sure at least 99 of them would have told me no.     Fast forward 3 years and the distinction between purchase money loans and non-purchase money loans (refis) […] Read more

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