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Work, School, Schedules, Projects….  Life in Silicon Valley is fast paced and a little crazy at times.  Adding a house move to the mix can be intimidating but it doesn’t have to be. We’re lifestyle designers, we help busy people reconnect with their families, engage in their community and achieve their financial goals by investing […]

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Upscale Urban Living

Enjoy all that upscale Urban Living has to offer in this premium high-rise community in downtown San Jose. This 10th floor corner unit offers breathtaking city and mountain views from it’s floor to ceiling wall to wall windows. This modern and spacious unit has 2 large bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms as well as an […]

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Beautiful Cambrian 4 bed home

Welcome home to 4420 Desin Drive, San Jose. Beautifully Updated and immaculately presented Cambrian home close to schools, stores, restaurants and easy commute access. This 4 bed 2 bath remodeled home has been completely refreshed with new paint and flooring so you can move right in. A rose lined pathway leads to the covered entry […]

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10 Acre Los Gatos Foothill Estate

Live the dream without the drive!   Truly unique and private estate property on 10 rolling acres adjacent to 65 acres of Open Space.   Ideally situated atop a beautiful knoll this newer 5000+ Sq Ft home offers stunning valley views and 360 degrees of wildlife and nature. Carefully constructed around a majestic oak tree this home […]

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Intero Prestigio: Luxury Homes

Intero Prestigio International is a division of Intero Real Estate Services focusing on the finest and most exclusive homes in Silicon Valley and surrounding areas. Each issue of Prestigio’s bi-monthly virtual magazine features over 60 pages of beautiful luxury properties. The magazine has developed a global following and reaches readers in many parts of the world including […]

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Silicon Valley Market Report

Buy. Sell. Stay. Silicon Valley Real Estate Report April 2016 Is it time to buy a new home? Sell your current home? Or perhaps stay and invest in new home improvement projects? This report from Intero Real Estate Services Inc. can help begin to answer some of these questions. The number of single family homes for sale […]

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Flip Your Own Home!

Transform your home with careful investments to receive maximum return. We can assist in the planning, preparation, and execution of quick and affordable home improvements to enhance your home’s best features and provide the greatest ROI. We will help you get your home ready to sell for top dollar in the shortest timeframe – with […]

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Gail & Stephen’s Remodel Vlog

by Gail Thomson on January 14, 2015

in Blog,Home Improvement

About a year ago, we began a total remodel on our Blossom Manor home in Los Gatos. We are happy to announce that it’s just about finished (or at least just about livable)!

Check out our Home Remodel Project Playlist on the Slater Thomson YouTube Channel that follows our remodeling process all the way from demolition to the finished product reveal! You can also view individual videos below.


PART 1: June 20th, 2014: The Beginning 

PART 2: June 27th, 2014: Stripped to the Bones

PART 3: July 11th, 2014: Danger Zone

PART 4: July 20th, 2014: Mapping it Out

PART 5: July 29th, 2014: Plumbing Progress

PART 6: September 20th, 2014: Taking Shape

PART 7: October 16th, 2014: Framing Progress

PART 8: January 9th, 2015: Floors & Windows

PART 9: February 6th, 2015: Pre-Insulation

PART 10: February 12th, 2015: Floors & Windows

PART 11: February 27th, 2015: Coming Together

PART 12: March 5th, 2015: Tile Installation & Sliding Glass Doors 

PART 13: April 10th, 2015: The End is in Sight! 

Thinking of a remodel or home renovation but unsure of where to start? Feel free to let us know, we are always happy to share ideas, advice, or answer any questions you have about home upgrades (including what to do and what NOT to do)!

Cheers! Gail & Stephen


Historic Almond Grove District

by Gail Thomson on December 23, 2014

in Neighborhoods

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 4.33.11 PMThe Almond Grove District is a historic residential neighborhood located near (and in) downtown Los Gatos that was, yes, a former almond orchard. The borders are generally considered to be from Saratoga-Los Gatos Road (Highway 9) to Bean Avenue and from North Santa Cruz Avenue to Glen Ridge Avenue.

Almond Grove is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city and was created in 1887 by Los Gatos town fathers John Bean, Alphonse Wilder, Augustine Nicholson, Fen Massol and Captain Magnus Tait (hence the streets Bean Avenue, Wilder Avenue, Nicholson Avenue, Massol Avenue, and Tait Avenue). This neighborhood is known for its classic Victorian architecture, and there are many homes that were built before 1895 and are still standing.

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 5.19.04 PM

Over a century later, Almond Grove remains a highly popular neighborhood due to it’s close proximity to downtown Los Gatos, beautiful historic homes, scenic tree-lined streets, and community atmosphere. Homeowners take pride in the appearance of their property and are known for over the top holiday decorating.

Remodeling can be a challenge due to historical preservation rules, and many of the older homes do not include garages. However, the Almond Grove District is a wonderful Los Gatos neighborhood with great charm and character. To find homes available in this area or if you have any questions about the neighborhood please feel free to contact us.

Almond Grove BEST


Shannon & Hillbrook Farms

by Gail Thomson on December 17, 2014

in Featured Images,Neighborhoods

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 5.33.39 PMThe Shannon area of Los Gatos refers to the neighborhoods clustered around Shannon Road in the east side of Los Gatos, bordered by Englewood Avenue, Kennedy Road, Short Road and Blossom Hill Road.

Shannon Road starts at Los Gatos Boulevard in town and heads East over the Blossom Hill Road towards Almaden Valley where it comes to an end at Hicks Road.

Similar to Blossom Hill Manor, this neighborhood is popular due to its proximity to distinguished Los Gatos schools, parks, and shopping along with beautiful homes and streets. Blossom Hill Park and Baggerly Field are located in the heart of this area while Kings Court and Blossom Hill Shopping centers line the border to the west.

To find homes for sale in the hill area of Shannon Road please contact us.



Exciting News for Intero Real Estate

by Gail Thomson on May 14, 2014

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We are excited to announce that last Thursday Intero Real Estate Services officially became part of HomeServices of America, a consolidated subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Inc, a company with unparalleled diversity and financial strength led by Warren Buffett.

We must be doing something right if one of the world’s most iconic investors is looking to align Intero with his vision of acquiring top-tier companies – Berkshire Hathaway owns dozens of well-known brands including Heinz, Geico, Fruit of the Loom, See’s Candies, Helzberg Diamonds, and Benjamin Moore. According to Fortune’s 2014 ranking, Berkshire Hathaway ranks among the world’s most influential and respected companies.

“Intero is a strong company with an excellent reputation in a growth market,” said Ron Peltier, chairman and CEO, HomeServices. “This transaction aligns with our vision of acquiring distinguished companies in leading markets that share our core values. We are excited to be in Silicon Valley and are looking forward to having the Intero Real Estate team join the HomeServices family.”

What does it mean to us? We do expect to begin to see some of the benefits of being part of a bigger organization over time but in the short term not much will change. We will retain the Intero name and continue to work with one of the strongest and most energetic real estate teams in the Bay Area. We’re still here for you!

We’re excited that Intero’s reputation and quality of customer service has attracted the attention of Warren Buffett and we’re looking forward to the future as part of the Berkshire Hathaway family.


Guide to Sustainable Landscaping

by Gail Thomson on April 22, 2014

in Blog

Happy Earth Day from the Slater Thomson Team!

Sustainable landscaping is part of a growing national effort in the landscaping industry to create aesthetically pleasing landscapes while improving and conserving the environment and saving resources and money. Learn more about creating a sustainable garden and yard.

Sustainable Landscaping Prezi




Factors of Credit Scoring

by Gail Thomson on March 6, 2014

in Blog

Wondering how your credit score is calculated? There are several different factors that contribute to your overall score. Follow the link below to learn how your score is calculated and the best ways to earn a high score.

The Five Factors of Credit Scoring

5 Factors of Credit Scoring





Los Gatos Schools 2013 API Scores

by Gail Thomson on September 20, 2013

in Schools,Uncategorized

Schools serving Los Gatos addresses are listed below with their 2013 API score.

Los Gatos Union School District

  • Blossom Hill Elementary School – 959
  • Daves Avenue Elementary School – 917
  • Louise Van Meter Elementary School – 947
  • Lexington Elementary School – 907
  • Raymond J Fisher Middle School – 934
  • Alta Vista Elementary School – 959
  • Carlton Elementary School – 931
  • Union Middle School – 932
  • Marshall Lane Elementary School – 958
  • Rolling Hills Middle – 910
  • Lakeside Elementary School – 966
  • Loma Prieta Elementary School – 926
  • C.T. English Middle School – 939
  • Los Gatos High – 886
  • Leigh High School – 819
  • Westmont High School – 795



Are you tempted by the lifestyle and the seemingly endless job opportunities in and around Silicon Valley?

How do you decide if a move to the Bay Area is right for you?

Remodeled Traditional Style

Before you even start talking salary, benefits and move logistics, make sure you do your homework and do a little pre-relocation decision analysis.  From realistic expectation-setting to understanding family needs to anticipating costs,  getting some knowledgable pre-decision support assures you that the decision to move forward is the right one.

Completing a thorough Needs Assessment means answering such questions as…  What are my individual and family lifestyle requirements? Should I buy or rent a new home?  How much will it cost and do I qualify for a mortgage?  What are the costs associated with moving?  Should I rent or sell my current home?   What neighborhoods are within commuting distance of my workplace?  Can I afford to live in a Bay Area neighborhood that I like?  Will my kids be able to attend a good school?  How will my family get established in our new location?

Gail and StephenAnswering these questions honestly and knowledgeably will help ensure your relocation success.  We’ve helped numerous families answer these questions and would be delighted to help you through the process too.  If you’d like a copy of our comprehensive Bay Area guide or you’d simply like to chat about your options, contact us today.  We’re happy to help.



Today I had the unwelcome honor of watching a neighbor’s house burn down.  Thankfully a couple of brave souls working close by entered the burning house and woke the owner allowing him to escape without harm.  What if they hadn’t been there?  I couldn’t hear any smoke alarms screeching which, given the owners have lived there since the 70s, makes me think perhaps they didn’t have any.  By the time the fire trucks got there the house was totally engulfed.  I shudder to think what could have happened…

American homes suffer an unwanted fire every 10 seconds and every 60 seconds there’s a fire serious enough to warrant a call to the fire department.  Are you prepared for a fire at your home?  Take a walk through of your home today to check for potential fire hazards.  Plan your escape routes.  Install smoke alarms if you don’t already have them and replace the batteries on them if you do.  Place smoke alarms on every level of your house and test them regularly; you should also have alarms located inside and outside of all sleeping areas.

You can find out more about protecting yourself and your home from fire on the FEMA website.

Stay safe and always be prepared.


The end of the summer buying season shows a traditional slowdown in the market but doesn’t detract from the fact that U.S. home prices have risen in October by the most in 6 years.

Record low mortgage rates, rising rents and renewed confidence boosted demand in the once battered housing market.  At the same time, the number of available homes is at the lowest level in 10 years according to the National Association of Realtors.  The resulting combination of low inventory and rising demand pushes up prices.

The Spring market in Santa Clara County took off in early March this year.  It will be interesting to see how it fares in the coming season.