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Safeguarding Your California Home Against Wildfires

Living in the picturesque landscapes of California comes with its fair share of advantages, but it also exposes homeowners to the threat of wildfires. These natural disasters can be devastating, wreaking havoc on homes and endangering lives. Fortunately, there are proactive steps you can take to protect your family, property, and even lower your insurance [...]

Gail & Stephen’s Remodel Vlog

About a year ago, we began a total remodel on our Blossom Manor home in Los Gatos. We are happy to announce that it’s just about finished (or at least just about livable)! Check out our Home Remodel Project Playlist on the Slater Thomson YouTube Channel that follows our remodeling process all the way from demolition to the finished product [...]

Add Light to your Garage and $$ to your Home Value

Wednesday Wow Factor on Thursday (the beach is a bit flaky for wi-fi as it turns out). No “pause for a minute” moments on tour yesterday so instead I’m showing you our recently completed garage remodel. When we bought our million dollar tear down (Silicon Valley at its finest!) the garage was a haven for [...]

Wednesday Wow Factor! – Master Bath Pizzazz and Brick Red Windows

Wednesday is real estate broker tour day in Los Gatos, Saratoga, Campbell and Cambrian.  Every week we get to see newly listed homes big and small, new and old, quirky and elegant.   Inevitably I see something that makes  me stop, ponder and exclaim  “Now that’s a clever idea” or “Oh, this will sell the [...]