What if you could Buy before you Sold?

Are you thinking of moving but you’re worried you won’t find the right place before you have to move out of your current home?   What if I said you could consider buying your new home BEFORE you sell your current home?  Sound impossible?   It’s not.

A new loan program can make this dream a reality for many homeowners by using anticipated rental income on the existing home towards the qualification on the new home loan.   No existing lease or rental history is required.

  • Use 75% of current home projected rental income to offset PITI (Principal, Interest, Tax, Insurance) on purchase loan
  • Must have 35% equity in current home
  • No Lease Required!
  • Qualifying income and reserves required
  • Existing home cannot be listed for sale or under contract at time of purchase but can be immediately afterwards.

Call us today and let use help you take the next step towards your new home.