Blow Your Own Trumpet

You have the best kitchen, in the best floorplan, in the best neighborhood, in the best school district, in the best city in the area.  Great! – But if a buyer doesn’t know all that it won’t help you sell your house.

Buyers look for pictures first and foremost to evaluate whether they’re interested in finding out more about your property.  It’s true that a picture tells a thousand words; and you need to make sure you know what your photos are saying and to whom.

Multiple professional photographs of your home’s top features is the best way to ensure that the buyer’s interest is captured and they want to know more.  For example, if your house is a fixer upper you might not want to photograph the kitchen cabinets, but you definitely want to capture the unique mountain view from the master suite.  Perhaps the small family room is a bit of a turnoff, but the huge flagstone patio under the redwood arbor outside where you do all your entertaining – that’s a picture worth showing.

At Slater Thomson we work with professional photographers to compile a portfolio of meaningful and eye-catching pictures.  We then make sure they’re available everywhere local buyers are looking; in brochure form, on the MLS, and throughout the internet.  We also turn that portfolio into a showcase video virtual tour with full audio narration so we can be sure the buyer receives the right message about your home.

Don’t throw your home up on the MLS and wait (and hope) for buyers to come ask you about it, let us help you blow your home’s trumpet so that buyers will march to the tune of your home.