Add Light to your Garage and $$ to your Home Value

Wednesday Wow Factor on Thursday (the beach is a bit flaky for wi-fi as it turns out). No “pause for a minute” moments on tour yesterday so instead I’m showing you our recently completed garage remodel.

When we bought our million dollar tear down (Silicon Valley at its finest!) the garage was a haven for critters and a treasure trove of interesting sketches, diagrams and strange looking mechanical inventions from the 60s. Oh, and then there was the boat, which we donated to a college project.

We finally made it to the garage end of the honey-do list and hired our contractor, Chris, to take it from trash to treasure. He stripped out the years of grime and dust, finished the inside, painted the walls and floor and added new lights.

The real game changer, however, is the new glass garage doors we opted to put in. We have a large one on the front and a second smaller one on the back. Both are mounted with a side-opener which keeps the ceiling less cluttered looking. They are AWESOME in my humble opinion. We now have a clean and bright garage OR a fully finished rec-room for the kids, depending on how we want to use it. Actually we’ll probably use it primarily for our staging furniture but no reason we can’t use that furniture while we’re storing it 😉

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