Shannon & Hillbrook Farms

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 5.33.39 PMThe Shannon area of Los Gatos refers to the neighborhoods clustered around Shannon Road in the east side of Los Gatos, bordered by Englewood Avenue, Kennedy Road, Short Road and Blossom Hill Road.

Shannon Road starts at Los Gatos Boulevard in town and heads East over the Blossom Hill Road towards Almaden Valley where it comes to an end at Hicks Road.

Similar to Blossom Hill Manor, this neighborhood is popular due to its proximity to distinguished Los Gatos schools, parks, and shopping along with beautiful homes and streets. Blossom Hill Park and Baggerly Field are located in the heart of this area while Kings Court and Blossom Hill Shopping centers line the border to the west.

To find homes for sale in the hill area of Shannon Road please contact us.


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